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BlueBlue Ain Sokhna Resort

About Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

      Welcome to Blue Blue, a charming remarkable destination and one of the few resorts in Sokhna to boast a wide sandy beach. Located near the wind turbines area of Ain Al Sokhna, the wind blows a cool breeze throughout the year making it a perfect getaway for summer and winter holidays and a perfect choice for water sports.

Blue Blue takes its name from all the shades of blue you will find surrounding you– sea, sky, pools, lagoons & waterfalls.

BlueBlue is extending over an area of 120.000 m at the end of the beach, with the beach being 300 m long. . Not to mention the twelve thousand meters of water bodies distributed all over the resort, swimming pools, an indoor pool for ladies, and lagoons.

There is also a seaside walk way, a terrace where memorial photos can be taken, and beach cabins to make it easy to use beach supplies, along with fishing in the spectacular red sea water.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna also provides several entertainment services for all family members, including shopping malls, party zones, gymnasium, spas, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Aqua Park, kids’ planet, and bicycle lanes for entertainment and exercise.

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About the Developer

MG developments has specialized in real estate investment, touristic development and construction in Egypt since 1998. The company has set solid milestones in construction including successful contracted projects, commercial and residential developments of their own in Fifth Settlement, which has been the focus of the majority of its investments including Life Home, Sky View, Sky View Premier, Headquarter Business and La Vida (residential compound) in New Heliopolis