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عين كبريتية بالقرب من شاليهات العين السخنة

Ain Sokhna Chalet

Why book a chalet in Ain Sokhna?

if you want a place where you will find the purity and serenity of the sea, and a pure white sands, calm and mild atmosphere helps you rest your nerves, scenery, plus you can practice diving and see the beauty of coral reefs and enjoy the colors of fish and various forms around you.Do you know hot sulfur water did you know she used to aid recovery from skin diseases and diseases of gout and some bone pain and arthritis surely you want to try it.


عين كبريتية بالقرب من شاليهات العين السخنة

عين كبريتية بالقرب من شاليهات العين السخنة

So you want a place where you enjoy fishing on a boat at sea.If you want somewhere near Cairo for your vacation to get away from the pressures of job and enjoy it with your family.You must imagine you need to travel to more than one place, and you need a long vacation to achieve all these advantages.But ensuring that the equation is not that difficult, on the contrary it so easy solve this equation in which Blue blue Sokhna resortcan spend your summer vacation with ease, plus travel time to the Ain Sokhna chalets won’t take much of that vacation because the distance between Cairo and blue blue Sokhna are 170 km only and this about 85 – 70 minute  drive from the capital, 45-50 minutes from the exciting New Administrative Capital and a mere 25-30 minutes from Ain Sokhna ’s welcome gate. The project’s entrance is found at the end of the Sokhna mountain range, a distance of 4 km from a brand new road leading to King Fahd city on the other side of Mount Ataka. This new route significantly shortens the distance to Blue Blue , eliminates visitors having to take the winding coastal road  and this lets you enjoy the weekend with all these features together and you can return back the same day.In addition to proximity between Cairo and Scottsdale and all natural features of the purity of the Red Sea and white sand and attractive fish and dive and sulfur eyes, possesses a very important feature Ain Sokhna chalets  is she is not only a resort but because of mild weather in the region is also a good place for winter holidays as well

In addition to all the wonderful features of Ain Sokhna, blue blue Sokhna resort have many other advantages.

The advantages of blue blue Sokhna chalets are:
Blue Blue is extending over an area of 120.000 m at the end of the beach, with the beach being 300 m long. . Not to mention the twelve thousand meters of water bodies distributed all over the resort, swimming pools, an indoor pool for ladies, and lagoons.
blue blue Sokhna resort are characterized by diversity in levels, designs, sizes, shapes and spaces to satisfy all tastes and individual and family needs, ranging from 100 m to 140 m.

Chalets also have direct views on the Red Sea coast and have a 270 meter private beach.

Services provided in the Ain Sokhna chalets:
Al Ain Sokhna chalets enjoy many advantages and services of high quality  to allow you to enjoy the most enjoyment of your holidays, whether in summer or winter, and these services are:

1 – swimming pools: –

Dedicated to swimming lovers, the pool of Ain Sokhna chalets is divided into:

A – Swimming pool – exposed swimming pools. C – Swimming pools for children d – Swimming pools dedicated to ladies

cos we are keen to enjoy all members of the family in different ages

2- Water parks:

To add to the fun and excitement moments in blue blue sokhna resort, Aqua Park has been added with different water sports for all ages.

3 – Gymnasiums and playgrounds:

blue blue sokhna resort have a distinctive collection of gymnasiums and various playgrounds to practice many different games (tennis – basket – volleyball – beach ball…..)

4 – Event area: –

blue blue sokhna resort have a dedicated event area equipped with the best and most suitable facilities to suit all parties (weddings, birthdays, concerts …) and a dedicated dance floor

5 – Mall:

blue blue sokhna resort have a huge commercial mall with everything the family needs and its finest and most famous brands.

6 – spa:

In order to provide maximum comfort and relaxation, the Ain Sokhna chalet complex has a full health club with massage sessions with aromatic oils, sauna,steam room, Turkish bath, Moroccan bath, Jacuzzi,  and many other services. Its employees are graduates of sports education and the resort is under medical supervision.

7 – Marina: –

So we do not forget the lovers of sailing and fishing, we dedicated a private Marina 360 meters deep inside the sea containing a distinctive collection of boats and yachts equipped to satisfy different tastes.

8 – Integrated diving center:

In order to complete the special marina in blue blue sokhna resort we have an integrated dive center with the best diving instructors and divers who will be able to train scuba divers in the best way to achieve the best moments of your diving trip.

9 – Floating area restaurants:

There is nothing better than enjoying your meal between the lap of water and nature, the dining area floating in the shady eye chalets will ensure you a unique and enjoyable experience.

10 – Cafeterias and other restaurants: –

A special area for restaurants and cafeterias is characterized by a variety of restaurants (between Egyptian, Arab, Indian, Chinese and Italian) to satisfy all tastes and needs, as well as a variety of fine cafeterias.

11 – green areas, floating islands and industrial falls: –

For a great view that increases relaxation and comfort, large areas of green areas, floating islands and industrial waterfalls were added to the Ain El-Sokhna chalets, where the area of ​​the green areas reaches about 70% of the area of ​​the chalets complex.

12 – Terrace on the beach and photography area: –

Al Ain Sokhna chalets are characterized by the fact that the Sunni units have a terrace view on the beach, and there is also a special area for photography (photo session, movies, series …)

13 – Cabins on the sea and beach activities: –

The Ain Sokhna chalets feature a beautiful beach with cabins on the sea for more comfort and privacy, as well as beach activities such as barbecues and beach games to create more fun.

All of these features and many other surprises that will make your vacation in the Ain Sokhna chalets a wonderful time and a unique experience and a unique opportunity to renew activity and enjoy all the joys of life and restore the purity of your mind and your vitality.

You will find all this only when you booked for Chalet in a group of Ain Sokhna chalets provided to you by the company …….

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