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Buy villa at Ain el Sokhna & Get an Ideal Holiday Home

There is nothing like a holiday home with a beautiful view of the Red Sea. Many people are choosing to buy villa at Ain el Sokhna. There are real estate developments that are right in front of the Red Sea. You can see the azure waters right from the balcony.

The weather is mostly sunny throughout the year. It is hottest from July through September, when the temperatures are about 300 Centigrade (800 Fahrenheit). The coolest temperatures are from January through March, when the temperatures are between 100 Centigrade (500 Fahrenheit) and 200 centigrade (680 Fahrenheit). This makes it an excellent place for a vacation home for those who love warm temperatures throughout the year.


Egypt is the land of the Pharaohs. The history of Ain El Sokhna dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. This is when the area was used as one of the main ports for seafaring ancient Egyptians. This was discovered in 1999 by archaeologists who found inscriptions indicating that the area was indeed an ancient port used frequently by the Pharaohs.

Blue Blue Residential Development

Ain El Sokhna can be very hot during the summer and it is classified as a hot desert by the meteorological department. However, Blue Blue is situated away from the mountains where the cool breeze from the sea flows freely. Blue Blue is therefore the best place to buy villa at Ain el Sokhna

The cool air is not the only reason people are opting to acquire a vacation property here. The resort is elaborately designed to meet all the needs of people looking for an ideal vacation home.


There are many comfortable and luxurious villas situated in the Blue Blue Resort. Each villa is designed to take full advantage of the natural light and cool breeze from the sea that flows freely in this section of Ain El Sokhna. Additionally, every single unit is designed in such a way that each villa gets a good view of the turquoise blue sea. Each villa also has a balcony with a view, a garage and a garden.

Fun Vacation

For those looking to buy villa at Ain el Sokhna there are many fun activities for the whole family. There is an indoor pool designed specifically for ladies. There are also well maintained outdoor pools that can be used by everyone.

In between the villas there are water bodies and fountains where kids can play safely. Your whole family will have loads of fun taking a wild ride on the banana boats available at the resort.