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Why choose Ain Sokhna?

Ain Sokhna Your ideal destination if you want to live in a place near to Cairo, a mild climate in summer and winter, the prices of housing units and chalets Ain Sokhna is affordable and the entrance of the resort Ain Sokhna is an ideal place to spend weekends and summer holidays.

The Reasons why you  should choose Ain Sokhna:

1 – Ain Sokhna Resort is the nearest resorts of the Red Sea of ​​Cairo

It is 55 kilometers from the city of Suez and takes about an hour and a half to reach the highway, where nature and beauty attract any visitor. It is named the hot springs located in the Ataqa Mountains, which are located in the Suez region at a height of 750 meters above sea level.

Al Ain Sokhna Chalets is located in Blue Blue Resort, Near to Cairo

  • 170 kilometers from Cairo (90 minutes) and 90 kilometers from the new administrative capital (50 minutes).
  • 130 kilometers from New Cairo (70 minutes).
  • 100 kilometers from the city of Suez (65 minutes).
  • 55 kilometers from Sokhna gates (35 minutes).

2 – Ain Sokhna villages are characterized by the availability of basic facilities and services

The availability of basic services to the needs of visitors and residents in Ain Sokhna such as restaurants, cafés, malls, pharmacy, supermarkets, etc., as well as entertainment services.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Resort is characterized by the availability of the main facilities and entertainment, which make it a convenient place to buy your chalet and enjoy all the distinctive services

  • Hotels
  • Multi-level swimming pools for children and adults.
  • Restaurants Coffee Shops.
  • Commercial Mall.
  • Green gardens .
  • Health club – Gymnasium.
  • Aqua Park.
  • Water bodies and waterfalls.
  • Terrace on the beach and photography area.

3 – Mediation of the prices of units and chalets Ain Sokhna:

Ain Sokhna is also characterized by a large number of tourist villages that are similar in facilities and services provided , vary in prices to suit different categories, which has increased the interest of Egyptians and foreigners to the resort of Ain Sokhna, has increase the investment in the establishment of resorts and chalets and facilities and services To serve the resort and residents

The prices of units and chalets Al sokhna resort Blue Blue  Ain Sokhna affordable ,features payment facilities ,the system of installments , which you can get your ultra modern chalet and all units see the sea and enjoy the privacy and luxury and relaxation in addition to the advantages of the village of Blue Blue Sokhna of swimming pools Commercial Mall, Aqua Park, Restaurants, Cafes, Gym and Spa

4 Ain Sokhna climate is a wonderful moderate throughout the year

Ain Sokhna is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many Egyptians in summer and winter and its warm winter and mild weather in summer making it the ideal resort for weekends for both Egyptians and foreigners

We have chosen the Blue Blue Ain Sokhna in the windmills area to enjoy the fresh air movement throughout the year where you have the opportunity to enjoy all the beach and water games.

5 – Ain Sokhna and your ideal destination ,sea sandy beach and clear water suitable for the practice of water activities

Ain Sokhna is characterized by its beautiful beaches, beautiful red sea water, its soft golden sand, various water and safari activities, sailing, and windsurfing.

Blue Blue Sokhna Resort is an ideal place to practice all water activities.

  • Water bodies on an area of ​​12 thousand meters
  • Aqua Park is suitable for all ages to enjoy water games
  • Beach playgrounds for fun beach sports
  • Marina 360 m deep sea with a private beach for lovers of fishing
  • A complete dive center to enjoy the experience of diving in the Red Sea waters rich in coral reefs and colored fish

6 – Ain Sokhna chalets relaxed and privacy

Al Ain Sokhna Resort combines tranquility and distance from the noises of the city , the availability of all the services it needs. Therefore, it is the preferred destination for Egyptians and some prefer to own their chalet to enjoy more privacy and relaxation.

So in Blue Blue Sokhna we can combine relaxation, privacy and luxury in one place. Having your own chalet in Ein Sukhna gives you the opportunity to enjoy your relaxation and relaxation during your vacation with a spa, sauna , Jacuzzi and small rooms equipped on the beach for recreation on the sea without having to carry your luggage. every day

The experience of staying in Al Ain Sokhna chalets in Blue Blue Village is an exceptional experience that allows you to enjoy the tranquility, relaxation and luxury you dream of and renew your activity throughout the year.