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Villa for sale in Ain Sokhna

BlueBlue is one of the best residential projects to be completed recently, and is ideal for people looking for a holiday home. BlueBlue is located right in front of the Red Sea.

The beautiful sandy beaches and the azure waters of the sea can be seen from the comfort of your home.

“You don’t have to worry” about ports and ships blocking this breathtaking view.

The villa for sale in Ain Sokhna is located away from the mountains. Fresh air flows freely throughout the resort.

Other sites in Ain Sokhna do not enjoy the same refreshing breeze, since the flow of fresh air is blocked by the mountain.

The resort is divided into four different sections. The four sections are: Lake View, Sea View, Water Front and Island. All these different sections cater for different needs, and are ideal for families of different sizes. The areas of each unit range from 100 square meters to 300 square meters.

All the units are placed on different levels. The developers came up with this unique design to ensure the sea was visible from each and every unit. Every single household can enjoy the beautiful picturesque sunsets from their holiday villa in Ain Sokhna.

BlueBlue was designed to be the ideal place for the whole family. This is evident from the Sea Side Resort Facilities that are accessible to the residents here. There are swimming pools for everyone, as well as an indoor pool for women only and another pool for kids only.

The whole family both young and old will enjoy having fun rides on the banana raft. There is a lazy river that runs through the resort. This is a shallow stream that children can enjoy swimming, rafting and playing. You can take long strolls on the specially designed seaside walk way as you enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and green areas that are all over the resort.

There is even more for those who want to engage in even more intense waters ports during their vacation. The sea side resort is ideal for jet skiing, kite boarding and rafting. There is a diving center and beach playgrounds. The beach cabins make fishing and using the supplies provided more convenient.


  • Swimming pools, indoor pool for ladies, kids swimming pool.
  • Party areas and beach playground.
  • Banana boat.
  • Fountain, waterfalls, and green areas.
  • Lazy river


  • Shopping mall.
  • Gym and health Center.
  • Spa
  • Clinic

Buying a “villa for sale is Ain Sokhna” is a great idea, whether you are buying it as an investment or as a holiday home for you and your family. BlueBlue is the brain child of Metawee Group. The Metawee group is one of the leading development and property investment companies in Egypt.

The real estate industry in Egypt has strengthened and grown over the last few years. Increase in demand has seen the development of housing units and resorts all over the country. BlueBlue has the distinction of being one of the most beautiful and well planned seaside resorts in Egypt in recent times.

Are you searching for a place to stay with beautiful views here in Egypt?? Getting a chalet for sale in Ain el Sokhna is the best idea because not only you get to invest in the country, but it also delivers you an impressive way to relax and have fun.

Register today and get your dream holiday home!!

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